Reboxetine currency online bulletin

2017-11-22 19:55:36 admin

Dear SBACOIN users:

On the morning of December 6, 2017 will reboxetine currency 11:30 officially launched trading, referred to as XRP.

On the introduction of reboxetine currency:

Reboxetine currency monetary base of the Ripple network, it can circulate in the whole ripple network, the total number of 100 billion, and with the increase of the transaction is gradually reduced, the operating company Ripple reboxetine currency Labs (formerly OpenCoin).

Is the only reboxetine currency currency ripple monetary system, which is different from other ripple systems, other currencies such as CNY, in other words not to mention the USD cross gateway, A gateway, CNY issued only to cash in the A gateway, B gateway to cash, must pass through the ripple system Guadan function transformation for the B CNY gateway to the B gateway can withdraw cash. But no reboxetine currency restrictions in this regard, it is common in the ripple system.

Reboxetine currency (XRP) and bitcoin digital currency are the same as mathematics and cryptography based, but with no real bitcoin for different purposes, XRP are the main currency and protect the safety of the bridge function in the Ripple system, the security function is indispensable, which requires to participate in this gateway protocol must hold a small amount of XRP

SBACOIN November 22, 2017