Emergency announcement

2017-10-14 12:07:00 admin

The global users of SBACOIN:

   Thank you for the support of SBACOIN, due to the recent number of Asian game player feedback, especially Chinese area of the game player, not log normal trading platform. Lead to the completion of bitcoin, Wright currency, normal trading. The company actively get Ethernet Fang's official information feedback, the game player into our trading platform, need with the help of third party software over the wall before they can enter, because China (People's Republic of China), during which held its domestic important state conference, so the third party software over the wall mask, not log normal use.

    SBACOIN in order to increase the experience of members participation, to the normal, smooth finish all kinds of trading. The company decided to suspend the baht, the ruble, Yuan Yuan prepaid business, especially the East Philip chain scheduled on-line trading time delayed 2017.10.16, to 2017.10.26, to increase international friendship and respect for their rights game player.

    During this period, the company will also actively contact with the Internet management institutions across the country, open the gateway, so that the global players can log in anytime

    SBACOIN will be your best choice