Which is better, bitcoin or stock?

2016-10-08 08:01:00 admin

Bitcoin in recent years has become increasingly important. Bitcoin digital currency can be said to be the most popular in the world, it is a global company and the government as a means of payment or data storage technology (Qu Kuailian) accepted.

But bitcoin may be more important than any stock, this day will come? According to WinklevossTwins and other experts said, bitcoin has defeated the gold, but on the stock market, the stock of their own category. Although stocks and securities exist volatility, but some big capitalists still regard it as the main way of the future to obtain direct income (in the past eight years).

In some ways, bitcoin has defeated the stock market. It can be used as currency, bitcoin, under American law it is defined as the property of Overstock and other companies will accept bitcoin payments when buying goods and services. If you want to buy a commodity, and without a credit card, a bit money may be a good choice.

However, the stock market is completely different. It is part of your long-term portfolio, if you feel you earn enough money, you can have it now. These are the money you can not use, but the stock is different from the money. You can't use their shares in the past a the grocery store to buy bread and milk. Although bitcoin has not yet reached the acceptable level, but it is moving toward this direction, but the stock is not available.

Bitcoin may be to avoid hyperinflation as a tool. Venezuela, the country such as India users constantly use bitcoin to avoid devaluation. Bitcoin and stock volatility, but bitcoin after the test of survival, now reached $778, but the stock market is often due to shock become the victim. If your company stock is frozen or with the detached, you still put the money, but it can not be used.

Bitcoin is now considered the most popular and secure money technology, so what are you waiting for? It's time to consider putting bitcoin into your financial investment framework