Microsoft office software to support bitcoin

2017-01-03 08:01:00 admin

Bitcoin is now one of the most valuable encryption currencies, the expansion of bitcoin popularity also allows Microsoft began to support bitcoin in its products

MicrosoftOffice can be said to be the maximum utilization of a computer software. Any familiar people are using it at least one of the products. And now "Office365" users will immediately can manage their bitcoin bills in the Excel table. Microsoft representative MartinButler announced "Office365" new features in the upcoming 2017 Linkedln. In his post, he mentioned five new features: instant record, Skype (VoIP) conference broadcast translation, bitcoin monetary support Addresses and apps's limited access policies, Excel's ability to collect and shape new data; and OneNote has improved classroom and collaboration

Although these 5 new features are very attractive, but the function of it to support bitcoin still attracted many bitcoin community members. According to Martin, an updated version of the 2017 will be able to identify and set the format, the calculation and analysis of the expression of the bitcoin currency in numbers. Although this feature in all relevant platform equipment can be obtained, it seems not so advanced, but the Microsoft initiatives clearly shows the potential to accept bitcoins as a mainstream currency.

MicrosoftOffice new features added time coincided with the bitcoin community to hold the currency tax confusion. Encryption IRS recently (IRS) let Coinbase provide user information of the events is proposed to provide some convenience of a new function to help people calculate the tax software needs to support bitcoin is.Excel people.

Microsoft in the bitcoin and block chain technology is not new. The companies to accept bitcoin payments can be traced back to 2014. At the same time, it also includes the Azure block chain service (Baas) provides the application to block chain as the foundation for the clients. The bitcoin community hope that technology giant Microsoft software and can be used in the near the future of bitcoin provide more friendly.