Take bitcoin to buy a house in Dubai

2016-08-10 08:01:00 admin

This week, two industry leaders, BaronessMichelleMone and DouglasBarrowman announced, will use bitcoin sold 2 million 400 thousand square feet of Dubai residential property. The 40 storey residential apartments will be the first property located in Dubai Science Park, pricing and sale of encryption currency.

Dubai real estate development with bitcoin pricing for the first time

With the KnoxGroup and bitcoin payment processor Bitpay cooperation, will choose the 1133 room and two room apartment, ready to provide for the sale of bitcoin.AstonDevelopment hotel in September 2019 to enjoy the Dubai mountains and the city skyline views of French unique vision. In addition, the development of the project design by renowned architect and interior design JohnRHarrisPartners MichelleMone room. According to Knox group, the development zone will have three layers of cafes, restaurants, supermarkets and boutiques .

For now, studio property is at an initial price of 33BTC, and real estate agents say early investors will get extra discounts, and they can also use bitcoin to buy packaged interior design services and furniture

MayfairOBE BaronessMichelleMone explained: "as the real estate development business step, I am pleased to launch this project." the size of a logical progress which is the MichelleMone interior design company, this is the first time I will design and property of these two passions together "

Doug and I are of our own business pioneer, so we certainly hope that this is out of the ordinary, unique and exciting, is not only the real estate in the world, but also the technology world. This is why the first bitcoin pricing to develop.

Integration of housing and technology

Knox Group Chairman DouglasBarrowman explained that the project has been a long time.Barrowman believes that Dubai's real estate development project is own faction, he hopes to become the industry's first real estate and technology industry together.

Barrowman said that the sharp rise in bitcoin in just a few years meant that it was the world's leading encryption currency. That's why we first used bitcoin to fix property development

"I believe that with the mainstream adoption, many will follow our lead, and as I have done throughout my career, it's an exciting thing to be like a trend oriented person," he said

Two apartment buildings worth 250 million pounds and the construction of a shopping center will become the first and largest bitcoin pricing and settlement project of.AstonDevelopment real estate also details, early investors should get 9% return on investment in the construction is completed.