East Hong chain online SBACOIN announcement

2017-09-29 00:14:07 admin

Dear SBACOIN users:

SBACOIN will be launched on October 16, 2017, East strand, referred to as DHC.

In late October 15th 8 open charge coins, 16 on the morning of 10 officially opened the DHC transaction.

On the East Philip chain introduced:

East Philip chain is referred to as DHC, is a new encryption digital currency, Internet based on open source SHA256 algorithm, POW proof of work mechanism, East Philip chain through the point of development of the network block chain, payment and settlement system is very safe, East Philip chain adopts electronic intelligent mining total 300 million pieces, of which 200 million suocang in 20 years, every year 10 million release, 50 million venture capital, fund and technology holds 50 million market circulation, East Philip chain will bring new wealth doubled.

East Philip chain block chain to resolve the problem of trust in communication, build an open, transparent network environment. East Philip chain mobile phone wallet by two-dimensional code scanning to pay is very convenient, economic, social and business activities to provide effective solutions, shopping consumer use East Philip chain payment. It has been recognized the value of circulation, the future will have more broad prospects.

More Dong Hong chain information, please log on official website query: www.donghongcoin.com

September 28, 2017