The oldest bank executive in the United States illustrates the potential of the ether workshop

2016-06-12 08:01:00 admin

Recently very fire. Crypto currencies such as bitcoin and etheric Fang token price since April 6th rose stride forward singing militant songs, respectively 121% and 490%.

The etheric coins and bitcoin based on block chain technology, digital books is a record and confirm their transactions.

The etheric currency, based on the etheric square block chain, is the encrypted currency of bitcoin after 2009

One of the largest private banks in the US, Brown Brothers Harriman & Co, the new director of investment services Investor Services Fintech Offerings McGovern, believes that one of the block chains is clearly superior to the others. Mike

"When you compare bitcoin blockchain and Ethernet square, there is no doubt that the etheric Fang better".

Brown, Brothers, Harriman has been in the block chain for five years and initially set up research and development centers in Poland, Krakow, McGovern said

McGovern thinks one of the better reasons for the aether workshop is because it's cheaper

"Not that Ethernet bitcoin mining cost is high, because of its low power demand for bitcoin.

McGovern second reasons are related to the original purpose of the two major currency block chains

Bitcoin propagandist, long-term investor Paul McNeal encryption currency, bitcoin is money; but Vitalik Buterin created the etheric Fang platform, help the two parties to skip the third party agreement.

These so-called intelligent contracts form trust between the two parties. The etheric platform is based on an ethereal currency, which can be used as a currency, or as a proxy for virtual shares, assets, membership certificates, etc.

McGovern says:

"The etheric square is not only cheaper and more powerful than bitcoin, but there are more applications besides simple financial transactions."

New York Times can refer to the reporter, "digital gold: bitcoin and tried to insider information reconstruction money super junior and millionaire" (Digital Gold: Bitcoin and the Inside Story of the Misfits and Millionaires Trying to Reinvent Money) author Nathaniel Popper states:

"The etheric Fang is not merely in order to become a digital currency, can be calculated using the Ethernet square computer network, which runs the computer program on the Internet, or called to the center of the application (Dapp). This brings huge software programmer community".

McGovern is not only optimistic about the etheric square, the Popper survey for the New York Times that many enterprises have the same views. Almost 94% of the companies surveyed are satisfied with the etheric coins, worried about bitcoin status only 49% companies.

For example, John McAfee MGT Capital said the company will begin to dig, in the etheric Fang McAfee said, "we believe that digital currency daily growth and value, especially our company can become unique supplier related block chain processing ability.