Why bitcoin pricing from the Chinese transferred abroad, the price doubled two times?

2017-08-26 08:01:00 admin

August 17th, bitcoin prices exceeded 30 thousand yuan, since January, the central bank raided, rising more than 5 times, while a month ago in July 16th, the fire currency network quoted 12922 yuan, an increase of more than 130%.

However, the central bank at the beginning of the inspection, bitcoin also dropped from 8000 yuan quickly to about 5000 yuan, why on May, a central bank to strengthen supervision, another crazy price increases?

"When in fact the central bank to check the price has broken the former high, to go down, because the market expected the central bank will introduce more stringent regulatory policies, and then the price rebound with China actually does not have too big relations," the fire coins network COO Zhu Jia Wei told surging news.

Zhu Jiawei said that in January this year, the State Financial Services Department of New York (NYDFS) awarded Coinbase encryption currency exchange in the state of business license BitLicense (bitcoin license), this is the first good policy, then in April 1st, the Payment Service Amendment Act > force the Japanese cabinet officially signed <, bitcoin virtual currency and other means of payment the legitimacy is recognized, since then, the United States have issued licences for several digital currency transactions, July digital currency issued derivatives brand photos, these are the favorable policies.

The "wannacry" viruses such as extortion bitcoin, perhaps the price does not play a negative role. Zhu Jiawei said that after the bitcoin blackmail, the search index rose more than 100 times, but let more people understand that this digital currency, "this thing to see One divides into two., more and more people know, but the total bitcoin is constant, so the demand, prices rose"

In addition to the policy of good fame and rising up, Zhu Jiawei also believes that the popularization and application of bitcoin blockchain underlying technology brings further rise, the rise of the ICO digital currency "raise", "last year we still in the block chain concept interpretation is still under discussion stage, block chain company can survive go on, this year has already begun to do. But ICO is divided into three heads," quanqian "most low-end work projects have, in the middle of over financing" circle "has a lot to do things well, the head of the project, and the project financing is reasonable, but it seems that this situation is more and more in the middle the. A layman should be cautious in his investment"

A bitcoin insiders told the surging news, Chinese supervision department stationed in the bitcoin platform, but on the positive price: first requirements bitcoin exchange charge a fee of 0.2%, China trading costs led to a sharp decline in trading volume, the Chinese trading volume from the global 80% dropped to about 20%, bitcoin has pricing power not in the hands of Chinese, China central bank's measures have been difficult to as in previous years of bitcoin market price; secondly, the central bank on each platform leveraged transactions, from the previous bitcoin platform borrowed coins short arbitrage investors not, resulting in bitcoin as A shares not only to do more Short; third, the market liquidity has greatly reduced, many bitcoin "die loyal powder" wait-and-see, the demand remains unchanged, the supply is reduced, so the price was up

Overall, since entering the Chinese bitcoin market experienced in 2013 soared and cut, 2014-2015 years is two years "bear market" in 2016 up to early 2017 hit record highs, the central bank after the raid to fall, but after checking less than half a year, the first half of two, soared to 30 thousand yuan.

Zhu Jiawei introduced, 2013 bitcoin in China really fire up, resulting in a wave of market price in 2013 exceeded 8000 yuan denominated in dollars, exceeded $1000, but in December of that year, five central ministries jointly issued the "289 text", the bitcoin as a commodity, can not be used as a means of payment, and put all the financial bitcoin system and draw a line on the bitcoin impact, because the bank, the third party payment companies can no longer provide support for bitcoin companies, so a great shock, the price all the way down, the next two years is "bear market".

In December 5, 2013, Chinese people's Bank and other 5 ministries jointly issued a notice on the issuance of the notice. To prevent the risk of bitcoin clearly pointed out that bitcoin has no legal status and monetary equivalent, can not and should not be used as currency in circulation in the market. In addition, the notice also pointed out that the financial and Payment institutions shall not conduct bitcoin business; the need to strengthen the bitcoin website for the record; bitcoin services into the anti money laundering supervision; bitcoin website to the real name system.

A notice, bitcoin prices immediately suffered a cut.

Two years of bear market, Zhu Jiawei believes that the balance of supply and demand reached 1500 yuan, has been at the bottom of the shock. Every day the miners could dig up to 3600 coins, to dig the electricity, then some people come to buy some.

That is why in the second half of 2015 after the stage a comeback?

Because bitcoin half is expected to occur. According to the design of Nakamoto bitcoin, every four years production by half a year 2016 in daily production decreased from 3600 to 1800. This is expected to bring the trend to continue until January 5th of this year the price peak, followed by the central bank's supervision.

In January this year, the central bank "raid" check the Beijing Shanghai bitcoin exchange, and settled in February 8th, fire currency network, currency, bitcoin Chinese three of the nation's largest bitcoin exchange site investigation. After the central bank to engage in other bitcoin transactions China bitcoin 9 in Beijing bitcoin trading platform is mainly responsible for to conduct interviews, and put forward clear requirements: not engaged in illegal financing currency and other financial business, shall not participate in money laundering activities, shall not violate the relevant national anti money laundering, foreign exchange management and payment and settlement of financial laws and regulations. The central bank pointed out that if there is a bitcoin trading platform in violation of the above requirements, if the circumstances are serious, the inspection group Will be submitted to the relevant departments to be shut down banned according to law.