The Moscow stock exchange prepares to trade in encrypted currencies

2017-09-06 08:01:00 admin

The Moscow stock exchange is creating the infrastructure for bitcoin transactions. Other encryption currency exchange plans encryption currency, and based on their derivatives and exchange traded funds (ETF). The statement and the Deputy Minister of finance Alexei. Moshe Jef's plan is closely related to the plan to regulate bitcoin as a financial asset.

The Moscow stock exchange currency embrace encryption

According to reports, the Russian state news agency, said at a news conference held in the exchange, the Moscow stock exchange is committed to creating an encrypted currency trading infrastructure. The exchange was quoted as saying:

"We have been trying to create infrastructure for this (currency) transaction, especially after encrypting the currency assets"

The Moscow stock exchange is Russia's largest exchange group. It in stocks, bonds, derivatives, foreign exchange market, money market and precious metals and other areas to carry out the transaction. It also operates the Russian central securities depository institution and the largest settlement service provider.

According to a news conference, the exchange is now in talks with regulators on issues such as how to encrypt currency in Russia's foreign exchange market and protect the interests of its buyers

Provide trading tools

The Moscow stock exchange platform will provide a variety of encryption currency trading tools, including encryption currency derivatives and exchange traded funds based on the encryption and the currency itself, see the detailed Russian trade publication BFM. exchange said:

We are ready to organize financial products transactions buyers and their customers, and to provide adequate legal protection in the stock exchange, it is possible to trade encryption currency and derivatives, and encryption currency securities exchange traded funds "

According to Itar TASS reported that Russian another traditional stock exchange is also considering adding encryption currency trading on its platform. The St Petersburg stock exchange trading volume is Russia's third largest stock exchange, the largest stock exchange is outside of Moscow.

Russia's efforts to regulate encrypted currencies

Russian Deputy finance minister Alexei? Moisie husband recently announced that he proposed to bitcoin and other encryption currency as a financial asset, the move with the above exchange initiatives. reported that he said in an interview with Russian channel 24, he also proposed restrictions on QFII trading. Encryption moisie husband also revealed Monday, he has been with the Central Bank of Russia and Moscow stock exchange encryption currency supervision and transaction are discussed.

At the press conference, the deputy finance minister agreed to exchange views, TASS said, on the basis of encryption currency trading only allows qualified investors to participate.

At the same time, Russia is still in the drafting of digital currency supervision procedures, including how to define a digital currency. According to reports, the bill was postponed due to the ongoing discussion on the classification.