The U.S. Department of Homeland Security statement: bitcoin is more legitimate than believed

2017-09-27 15:57:45 admin

This week, the founder of all encrypted currencies has gained maintenance of the mainstream view. According to the US National Broadcasting Corporation (CNBC), the US Department of Homeland Security (USD) states that Bitcoin is described as "more legitimate than people think."

Bitcoin is only used by criminals

And the media through the release of special currency illegal fraud news, will let those who do not know people believe that Bitcoin is not legitimate. The "non-traceable" nature of Bitcoin attracts criminals and is one of the most common arguments against Bitcoin. Of course, investors will not want to be associated with this crowd.

But as we know, each bit currency transaction is permanently present in the block chain. From the law enforcement department to my 14-year-old nephew, who can see these, tracking the source of each bitcover. Want to transfer any kind of money you can get a lot of unnecessary attention.

You and I will be concerned, and this feature makes it difficult for the bitcoin to become a criminal to escape the things used to trace the crime. Last month, Hansa and Alphabay were closed by the government. While the mysterious btc-e exchange was also forced off, AlexanderVinnik was arrested.

All of the above shows that the authorities are increasingly good at tracking virtual data records. They know what you are doing, they can find you. In addition, third-party services, such as Chainalysis are willing to help.

One of my friends recently received a letter from the British Royal Prosecutor's Office. The statement said they knew his orders in the dark black market, but they would not continue to pursue at this point. They did not have the name of my friend, so they sent the statement to his home, and it also means that his wife can also open, which may cause more trouble than the law.

Obviously, it is very difficult to provide data on the use of money in encrypted money, however, ShoneAstley, co-founder and president of Block Chain Intelligence Group, is ready to try. According to his estimates, illegal transactions accounted for about half of the total amount of special currency transactions, while last year it was reduced to 20%.

According to ShoneAstley, the number of illegal transactions is already far below this figure, and at that time the total volume of Bitcoin is still growing.

So what are the criminals now using? Ethereum is a good choice. According to a report by Chainalysis, so far this year, criminals have received $ 225 million in the ether square. Maybe it's easier to be stolen by criminals.

And Monero because of the high degree of protection of privacy features, making it in the black market in the dark more and more popular. The price of Monero rose nearly 1,000% this year, may also be related to this.

Whatever you choose, it seems that many criminals have come to the conclusion that the trouble of Bitcoin is much greater than its value.