China Guiyang block chain ICO consensus release

2017-08-04 23:48:52 admin

   Guiyang July 26th July 25, the block chain financial association, Guiyang block chain innovation research institute and Zhongguancun block chain industry alliance and Guizhou block chain industry technology innovation alliance and other units held in Guiyang "prevention and control Financial risk, service entity economy, block chain ICO industry ecological system construction seminar ". At the meeting, from the domestic and international chain chain industry, enterprises, research, study and more than 300 experts and scholars to discuss the block chain ICO industry ecological system construction, and jointly issued a block chain ICO Guiyang consensus.

   Consensus that Guiyang focus on building block chain ICO industry ecosystem. By building the digital asset ecology, standardizing and prospering the ICO market, which is based on the compliance system, it serves the real economy and controls the financial risks.

   ICO is a way in which a chain-chain company or an autonomous organization issues an initial cryptographic tokens, which are sold to participants and are financed and used for project development. The initial cryptographic tokens introduced by ICO represent the right to use the technology infrastructure, or the prepaid fee for the use of open source project services.

   Consensus pointed out that Guiyang "block chain ICO sandbox plan" will launch a co-built mechanism, called on the industry's leading companies to contribute to the front-line experience and wisdom, in self-regulation under the consensus, the establishment of standard sandbox plan, Sandbox plan, in-depth details, the formation of a viable regulatory system.

   Under the co-construction mechanism, the "block chain ICO sandbox plan" will carry out ICO innovation pilot, in the ICO system construction, regulatory model, trust mechanism, investor education and other aspects of seeking a mature solution.

   To protect the interests of investors in the custody of the ICO under the premise of the listing of the ICO, investor restrictions, publicity and promotion of projects such as the implementation of the exemption or limited authorization to allow ICO projects to carry out testing activities without worrying about regulatory consequences , Creating "safe" innovation space for ICO projects, reducing innovation costs and policy risks.

   Guiyang "block chain ICO sandbox plan" to encourage "pioneer" brave attempt and the market spontaneous survival of the fittest mechanism. (DAO model), to a certain extent, to reduce the regulation of the use of block-chain technology, distributed, traceability, non-tampering, transparency and intelligent contract to achieve the implementation of the agreement, the spontaneous formation of the unique democratization of the network governance mechanism Overreaction is necessary.

   Consensus recommendations, Guiyang ICO sandbox plan appropriate to give ICO project inclusive exemption, mainly reflected in the following aspects: First, the amount of control and management of the white list; Second, ICO financing plan management; Third, the issuer was sustained and strict Fifth, the regulatory authorities take the initiative, early intervention, strengthen the behavior of supervision, the whole to retain regulatory intervention and restrictions on power; six is to develop the relevant regulatory technology, the development of the relevant provisions of the relevant laws and regulations, Such as digital asset management, automated sandbox testing, online real-time monitoring, large data analysis; seven is to support and encourage ICO industry self-discipline and industrial sandbox development; eight is to strengthen international regulatory cooperation and coordination, including exchange of information.