Terms of Service

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1. Confirmation and acceptance of service agreement

    1.1SBACOIN owners and operators agree to provide Internet-based and mobile-related services ("network services") in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement and their operational rules from time to time. If you need to use the network service, you should agree to the full terms of this agreement and follow the prompts on the page to complete all the registration process. The user who has accepted and has carefully read the SBACOIN Service Agreement in the course of registering the program or binding the real name indicates that the user has fully accepted all the terms of this Agreement.

    1.2 After successful registration, SBACOIN will give each user a user account and the corresponding password, the user account and password by the user responsible for custody; users should be on their user account for all activities and events of legal responsibility.

2. Modification of service agreement

    2.1 SBACOIN reserves the right to amend any of the terms of this Agreement at any time and, at SBACOIN, the User may access the latest terms of service agreement at any time through the Web.

    2.2 If you do not agree with SBACOIN's modifications to the terms of this Agreement, the user has the right to stop using the Web service. If the user continues to use the network service, the user is deemed to have accepted SBACOIN's modifications to the terms of this Agreement.

3. The user uses the rules

    3.1 users in the application for the use of SBACOIN network services, must be their own password and password recovery security is responsible for the site does not force the real name authentication and security.

    3.2 users should not be their account, password transfer or lend to others to use. If the user discovers that his or her account has been used illegally, he / she should notify SBACOIN immediately. SBACOIN does not assume any responsibility for hacking or user's negligence, and password is used by others. (Forced use of mobile phone authentication or Google dual certification, even if the password and security password are stolen, the phone can guarantee your Funds are not stolen).

    3.3 The user must agree to accept SBACOIN to send significant time message messages to the user via e-mail or otherwise.

    3.4 User Warranty and Disclaimer The full copyright of the content uploaded to the SBACOIN website through SBACOIN's network service ensures that SBACOIN's use of the work does not violate national laws and regulations and does not violate the legitimate rights and interests of third parties or assume any obligations. User promises to upload content that does not involve infringement of others' copyright, trademark, reputation, privacy and all other illegal content. The user shall be fully responsible for all the consequences of the imperfect and unlawful nature of the content provided by the user.

    3.5 On the basis of the previous article, the user agrees that SBACOIN has free, perpetual, irrevocable rights and licenses worldwide for SBACOIN web services to be uploaded to the SBACOIN website for publicly available content, To use, reproduce, modify, translate, create derivative works, distribute, perform and display such content (in whole or in part).

    3.6 Users must follow the following guidelines when using the SBACOIN network service:

        3.6.1 comply with relevant laws and regulations;

        3.6.2 comply with all network protocols, regulations and procedures relating to network services;

        3.6.3 The use of a network service system for any unlawful purpose;

        3.6.4 The SBACOIN Network Service System shall not be used for any conduct that may adversely affect the proper operation of the Internet or the mobile network;

        3.6.5 You may not use the network services provided by SBACOIN to upload, display or disseminate any false, harassing, slanderous, abusive, intimidating, vulgar, obscene or any other unlawful information;

        3.6.6 shall not infringe any other third party's patent rights, copyrights, trademarks, reputation or any other legitimate rights and interests;

        3.6.7 shall not use the SBACOIN network service system to carry out any adverse behavior of the Bank of China;

        3.6.8 If any unauthorized use of user account or account security vulnerabilities, should immediately notify SBACOIN.

    3.7 If a user violates any of the above provisions when using the network service, SBACOIN or its authorized person has the right to require the user to correct or take all necessary measures (including but not limited to altering or deleting the user's uploaded content, etc., to suspend or terminate the user's use Network services) to mitigate or avoid the effects of user misconduct.

    3.8 SBACOIN Use for certain specific network services Any statements, notices, warranties, rules, regulations, etc. made in a variety of ways, including but not limited to web pages, e-mails, SMS alerts, etc., are deemed to be part of this Agreement , Such as the use of such SBACOIN network services, as the user agrees to such statements, notices, warnings, rules, articles and other content.

    3.9 For certain network services provided by SBACOIN, a special service agreement will be developed for such services. If the user is required to apply for such a network service, it is necessary to accept such special service agreement at the same time upon acceptance of the terms of this agreement. SPECIAL SERVICE AGREEMENT As a supplemental agreement to this Agreement, this Agreement shall have the same legal effect, and if such special service agreement is inconsistent with the terms of this Agreement, the User shall use the terms of the Special Service Agreement when using such special network services quasi.

    3.10 Unless otherwise expressly stated, SBACOIN's new products from time to time, or any new features that enhance or enhance the current service, are unconditionally applicable to this Service Agreement, and if the user uses the SBACOIN new product or new function, the user agrees Agreement clause.

4. Service content introduction

    4.1 SBACOIN network services specific content provided by the Bank of China according to the actual situation.

    4.2 Some of the network services provided by SBACOIN are for charging network services, and users are required to pay a fee for SBACOIN. For a fee-based network service, the SBACOIN network will give the user a clear indication before the user is using it. Only if the user confirms that he is willing to pay the relevant fee, the user can use the fee-based network service. If the user refuses to pay the relevant fee, SBACOIN reserves the right not to provide such charges to the user.

    4.3 The user understands that SBACOIN provides only the relevant network services, in addition to devices related to the associated network services (such as personal computers, mobile phones, and other devices connected to the Internet or mobile network) and the required costs The telephone charges and Internet charges paid for access to the Internet, the mobile phone fees paid for the use of the mobile network) shall be borne by the user.

5. Service change, suspension or termination

    5.1 In view of the particularity of the network service, the user agrees that SBACOIN reserves the right to change, suspend or terminate part or all of the network services (including toll network services) at any time. SBACOIN does not need to notify the user and does not have any responsibility for any user or any third party. If the changed, discontinued or terminated network service belongs to the toll network service, SBACOIN shall change the network service, , Before the suspension or termination of the prior notice to the user, or at the same time to the affected users to provide equivalent alternative charging network services, such as users do not want to accept alternative charging network services, the user has paid to SBACOIN service fees, SBACOIN shall refund the remaining service charge to the user after deducting the corresponding service fee in accordance with the actual use of the corresponding fee network service by the user.

    5.2 Users understand that SBACOIN requires periodic or irregular maintenance or maintenance of platforms (such as Internet sites, mobile networks, etc.) or related equipment that provide network services, such as interruption of fee-based network services within a reasonable period of time , SBACOIN is not responsible for this, but SBACOIN shall, as far as possible, give prior notice.

    5.3 SBACOIN reserves the right to suspend or terminate the provision of any network services (including fee-based network services) under this Agreement without any liability to the user or any third party if any of the following occurs:

        5.3.1 The personal information provided by the user is untrue;

        5.3.2 The user violates the rules of use specified in this Agreement;

        5.3.3 The user does not pay the corresponding service fee to SBACOIN when using the fee-based network service.

    5.4 If the account of the free network service registered by the user is not actually used for any period of 90 consecutive days, or if the account of the feeged network service registered by the user is not actually used for 90 consecutive days after the expiration of the service of the subscription fee network service, SBACOIN Right to delete the account and stop the user to provide the relevant network services.

7. Privacy protection

    7.1 Protection of User Privacy is a fundamental principle of SBACOIN that SBACOIN warrants not to disclose or provide third parties with registration information for individual users and non-public content stored in SBACOIN when using network services, except in the following cases:

        7.1.1 The prior authorization of the user;

        7.1.2 in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations;

        7.1.3 in accordance with the requirements of the relevant government authorities;

        7.1.4 To safeguard the interests of the public;

        7.1.5 To safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of SBACOIN.

    7.2 SBACOIN may cooperate with a third party to provide relevant network services to the user. In this case, SBACOIN shall have the right to provide the user's registration information to the party if the third party agrees to assume the same responsibility for protecting the privacy of the user as SBACOIN Third party.

    7.3 SBACOIN reserves the right to analyze the entire user database and to make commercial use of the user database without disclosing the privacy of individual users.

8. Disclaimer

    8.1 The Client expressly agrees that the risk of its use of the SBACOIN Network Service will be solely at its own expense.

    8.2 SBACOIN does not guarantee that the network service will 100% meet the user's requirements.

    8.3 SBACOIN is a platform to facilitate the trading of special currency enthusiasts, the platform does not participate in the sale of any special currency, both buyers and sellers are registered users. As a registered user, you should ensure that you are the legal owner of all funds and Bitcoin in your account and that your transactions do not infringe any third party's rights or applicable laws. To the extent permitted by law, this website will not be responsible for any damage to the user, loss of profits, loss of revenue, loss of business, loss of data, unless the loss is due to the breach of this Terms of Service. This website is not responsible for any loss due to network failure, network interruption or network delay, and any other loss due to failure to access the site properly. If the contents of this website include links to other websites provided by third parties, these links are for informational purposes only and we are not responsible for the contents of this website and are not responsible for any loss resulting from the use of its contents.

    8.4 SBACOIN assumes no responsibility for network service interruption or other defects caused by force majeure or non-control by SBACOIN, but will endeavor to reduce the consequent loss and impact to the user.

    8.5 The User agrees that SBACOIN shall not be liable for any defects or defects in the quality of the following products or services provided by SBACOIN to the user itself:

        8.5.1 SBACOIN provides free network services to users;

        8.5.2 SBACOIN Any product or service presented to the user (except for the privilege);

        8.5.3 Various products or services that SBACOIN brings to a fee-based network service user.

    8.6 SBACOIN can not identify and judge the civil rights and behavioral competencies, qualifications, credit and other conditions of the relevant transactions, the user must carefully distinguish between the transaction and carefully consider and assess the risks that may arise from the transaction. Users understand and understand the SBACOIN network as an information website platform can not guarantee that the description of goods or services and other content is accurate, complete, the latest, so the user agrees that SBACOIN is not responsible for the accuracy of the foregoing information and is committed Trading reference, not as a basis for decision-making.

9. breach of contract compensation

    9.1 SBACOIN agrees to indemnify and indemnify and hold harmlessly liable for any damages arising out of or in connection with any violation of the laws, regulations or any of the terms of this Agreement by SBACOIN.

    9.2 The User agrees to indemnify and defend the legitimate interests of SBACOIN and other users as a result of any loss to SBACOIN or any other third party as a result of breach of any of the terms, regulations or any of the terms of this Agreement by the User, and the User agrees to bear the resulting damage reparation Liberty.

10. Applicable law

    10.1 The enactment, enforcement and interpretation of this Agreement and the settlement of disputes shall be governed by national laws.

11. Court jurisdiction

    11.1 If there is any dispute between the parties regarding the contents of this Agreement or its execution, both parties shall resolve the matter as soon as possible. If the consultation fails, either party may bring a lawsuit to the people's court where the Bank of China is located.

12. Other provisions

    12.1 This Agreement constitutes a complete agreement between the parties with respect to the matters agreed upon in this Agreement and other related matters and, except as provided for in this Agreement, does not grant any other rights to the parties to this Agreement.

    12.2 The remaining provisions of this Agreement shall remain in force and binding if any of the terms of this Agreement are wholly or partly void or for no performance for any reason whatsoever.

13. The final interpretation of the above terms is owned by SBACOIN.