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"Leveraged trade risk statement"

Article 1

In view of the risks, you should be aware of the nature of the transaction and the degree of risk you are facing before starting such transactions. You must be based on their own investment experience, purpose, financial and risk-taking capacity and other related circumstances, should be in the account and start trading before carefully consider whether such transactions are suitable for you.

Article 2

It is also advantageous for you to trade on a highly leveraged basis. Before you decide to trade, you should carefully consider the set of investment objectives, trading experience and the ability to take risks. Possible circumstances include loss of some or all of the initial investment amount, so you should not use the funds that can not be used for investment. You should be aware of all the risks associated with the transaction. This website will not be liable for any loss or loss (including but not limited to any loss of profits) arising directly or indirectly from the transaction.

Article 3

This website does not guarantee the correctness and applicability of the contents of the market analysis, market analysis and other content, for you have or will be from the introducer or any other institutions and employees received information or suggestions, this site can not control, do not support or Guarantee its accuracy or completeness with respect to the transaction, and all risks arising therefrom are at your own expense and are not implicated by us.

Article 4

When the public security organs, procuratorates, courts and other authorities to produce the appropriate investigation documents require the site with the designated user to investigate, or the user account to take the seal, freeze or transfer measures, the site will be in accordance with the requirements of the public security organs to help Provide the corresponding user data, or the corresponding operation. So the user privacy caused by leakage, the account can not operate and therefore caused the loss caused by this site does not assume any responsibility.

The fifth

Due to national laws, regulations and regulatory documents to develop or modify, force majeure factors, resulting in the transaction was suspended, or prohibited, so the loss caused by the user themselves.

Article 6

Your content is representative of the individual's position and opinion, and is responsible for the content published. Due to the contents of the individual issued by the consequences of their own commitment, and this site has nothing to do.

Article 7

Due to the special nature of network services need to regularly or irregularly update the site, repair or maintenance, resulting in service changes, interrupt, this site does not assume any responsibility.

Article 8

This leveraged trade risk statement applies to all claims on this website for Renminbi, Bitcover, Leverage, Returns, etc.

Article 9

The final interpretation of this statement is owned by this website.

"Leveraged trade risk tips"

1, there is a lot of risk in leveraged transactions, the server gateway bottlenecks, site access instability and other factors caused by the risk of leveraged transactions were closed, SBACOIN no liability.

2, when your total assets are less than 110% of the amount of the application, the system will be in accordance with the SBACOIN real-time commission price of your assets forcibly open to buy or sell to return the application amount.

3, the current application of the maximum amount can not exceed 2 times the net worth of the individual, nor can the maximum amount set by the system.

4, SBACOIN from the application amount starting time calculation fee, 24 hours for a day, less than 24 hours by day, more than 24 hours in accordance with the new day, the daily fee for the user to apply the amount multiplied by the daily rate.

5, in order to protect the security of funds, the user does not return the amount of the application can be raised assets = total assets -2 * leverage (including handling fees).

6, the user each time apply for leverage and return are pen processing, priority payment fee.