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The ideal of Bitcoin is to build a financial social network that realizes human financial democracy. Today, the basic technical architecture of Bitcoin still has a lot of room for improvement. Bit currency trading platform, online wallet and so how to secure a large number of Bitcoin is the industry is facing important issues.

The security of Bitcoin is based on the bitmort's core encryption algorithm and the private security of the private key. Cryptography believes that the cryptographic basis of the bitmaps (SHA256 and EDSA) is absolutely secure under the current decryption technology capability. The main problem with bitmember security lies in the preservation of private keys, so the industry usually uses cold wallets (absolutely no contact Internet wallet) to save a lot of bits of currency.

But how to design and run a really safe cold wallet? In the long-term practice in the long-term practice summed up the program, the program is now shared with everyone to explore, we can help companies in the industry without conditions to save the wallet, but also and international security companies to explore the coin custody , We want to work with partners to make Bitcoin more transparent and more secure. Of course, we hope that we can give us an effective proposal, let us build the history of the safest, most easy to use, the most convenient way to go further on the road.

1, the network is not safe, as long as the contact with the network equipment, it may be attacked.

2, U disk is not safe, U disk may be implanted in the virus, the virus is inserted in the U disk may automatically record data, after being inserted in the network of computers, through the network to stolen the data.

3, a single person is not credible, all the authorization must be done by multiple people to do double confirmation in order to ensure safety.

4, everyone is likely to have an accident, so the authorized person needs to be authorized to off-site backup to ensure security.

5, people may be kidnapped, so important data need to be kept in the security level of high bank safe, at the same time to go to the bank in person can be removed.

Private key generation and backup

1, in a completely off-line computer generated 10000 private key and the corresponding address.

2, in a completely off-line computer on the private key AES encryption.

3, delete the original private key.

4, AES password by the company's two subordinate people to master, SBACOIN two master password, one in the SBACOIN office, one in the western United States a city.

5, master the AES password of the two people shall not take the same vehicle, to avoid the risk of accidents.

6, the previously encrypted private key and clear text address to generate two-dimensional code encryption document.

7, by scanning completely off-line computer generated on the two-dimensional code address for daily use, each hot wallet to the cold money package currency, you must use an unused address, each address can not be reused.

8, the two-dimensional code encrypted document saved to the security level of high safe, even if the document master was kidnapped, can not get this encrypted document, because the need to master the person himself to the bank in order to obtain this document.

9, in the remote bank insurance on the two-dimensional code encryption document backup, there are two copies of the network billion, one in the network office near the bank safe, a company in the eastern United States a bank safe The

10, local and remote bank safes must be controlled by two different people.

11, to master the bank safe two people shall not take the same vehicle.

12, local, remote bank safe controller and AES password can not be the same as the two controllers.