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> User Agreement

"SBACOIN User Agreement"

SBACOIN and the user together to confirm:

1. When the user clicks on the SBACOIN registration page's consent registration button and completes the registration process and obtains the SBACOIN account number and password, the user has entered into a SBACOIN User Agreement (hereinafter referred to as "the Agreement") with SBACOIN, and the user enters SBACOIN using SBACOIN The corresponding transaction service has reached the agreement of this agreement.

2. SBACOIN and the user have carefully read all the terms of this SBACOIN User Agreement and the contents of the Legal Notices and Operating Rules issued by SBACOIN. This Agreement and the foregoing Terms of Service, Legal Notices and Operating Rules are known, understood and accepted, Agreed to use it as a basis for determining the rights and obligations of both parties. SBACOIN "Legal Notice" is an integral part of this Agreement and is deemed to be acceptance of the entire contents of the SBACOIN Legal Notices at the same time as the User accepts this Agreement. The contents of this Agreement include the text of this Agreement and the various rules, representations and representations that SBACOIN has issued or may publish in the future. All rules, statements, illustrations are an integral part of the agreement and have the same legal effect as the agreement body.

3. This Agreement does not deal with the legal relationship and legal disputes arising out of the trade in Bitcoin between the SBACOIN User and other users.

First, define the terms

1.1. "Bitcoin": an international currently available virtual currency (bitcoin, referred to as BTC).

1.2. "User": SBACOIN Registered Member who accepts and agrees to all the terms of this Agreement and the legal terms and practices of SBACOIN's issuance and updating from time to time, and the SBACOIN.

1.3. "User Registration": user registration refers to the user login SBACOIN, and fill in the relevant information as required and confirm the consent of the implementation of the relevant user agreement process.

1.4. "Bitcoin Transactions": Bit currency transactions by users through SBACOIN.

1.5. "Enrollment": The amount of money / bit currency that the user prefilled to the SBACOIN platform for the purchase of the bitcoan / sale of the bitcoin.

1.6. "Fee": The transaction fee paid by SBACOIN to SBACOIN for the transaction in SBACOIN.

Second, the user registration

2.1. Registration eligibility

The user undertakes that the user has full civil rights and ability to do so, or if he does not have full civil rights and ability to act, but click on the consent button, the net is deemed to be registered and applied by his legal representative and by his legal representative SBACOIN service.

2.2. Registration purpose

The user undertakes that the user's registration is not for the purpose of violating the laws and regulations or destroying the order of the SBACOIN bitcover transaction.

2.3. Registration process

2.3.1. The user agrees to provide valid e-mail and other information according to the requirements of the SBACOIN user registration page, set the SBACOIN account number and password, and the user should ensure the authenticity, completeness and accuracy of all the information provided.

2.3.2. Users are legally, fully and effectively provide the information required for registration, have access to SBACOIN account and password, SBACOIN account and password for the user in the SBACOIN member login.

2.3.3. If the user obtains the SBACOIN account and password, the user agrees to receive the e-mail and / or short message related to SBACOIN website management and operation sent by SBACOIN.

2.3.4 users registered after the success of bit currency transactions, should provide my true identity card number, the real name certification.

Third, the user service

SBACOIN provides network trading platform services for users to conduct bitmember trading through SBACOIN. SBACOIN does not act as a buyer or seller in the sale of Bitcoin itself.

3.1. Service contents

3.1.1. Users have the right to view real currency quotes and transaction information in SBACOIN, have the right to submit bitmap transactions through SBACOIN and complete bit currency transactions.

3.1.2. The user has the right to view information under his SBACOIN member account at SBACOIN and to have the authority to apply the functionality provided by SBACOIN.

3.1.3. The user has the right to participate in the SBACOIN website activity in accordance with SBACOIN's activity rules.

3.1.4.SBACOIN commitment to provide users with other services.

3.2. Service rules

The user is committed to the following SBACOIN service rules:

3.2.1. The user shall comply with the requirements of laws, regulations, regulatory documents and policy requirements to ensure the legitimacy of all funds and bitmember sources in the account and not engage in illegal or other damage to SBACOIN or SBACOIN services in SBACOIN or SBACOIN Activities such as sending or receiving information or statements that are illegal, violated, violating public order, infringing upon the rights and interests of others, sending or receiving pyramid materials or other hazards, unauthorized use or forgery of SBACOIN e-mail headings without SBACOIN The

3.2.2. Users should abide by laws and regulations should be properly used and custody of its SBACOIN account number and password, the password, and its registration when the phone number bound, and the phone to receive the phone verification code security. The user assumes full responsibility for any operations and consequences of using his SBACOIN account and password, money password, and mobile phone verification code. When a user finds a SBACOIN account number, password, or money password, the verification code is used by an unauthorized third party, or if there are other account security issues, SBACOIN should be notified immediately and SBACOIN is required to suspend the SBACOIN account. SBACOIN has the right to take action on such requests by users within a reasonable period of time, but shall not be liable for any loss suffered by the user prior to taking action by SBACOIN. The SBACOIN Account shall not be dispatched, borrowed, rented, transferred or otherwise disqualified to others without the consent of SBACOIN.

3.2.3. The User shall comply with the User Agreement and other Terms of Service and Operating Rules that SBACOIN shall publish and update from time to time.

Four, bit currency, trading rules

The user undertakes to comply with the following SBACOIN Bitcoan rules in the process of entering into the SBACOIN transaction and through the SBACOIN transaction with other users for Bitcoal transactions.

4.1. Browse transaction information

When browsing the Bitcoin transaction information, the user should carefully read all the contents contained in the transaction information, including but not limited to the bitcoin price, the commission amount, the handling fee, the direction of buying or selling, and the user fully accepts the information contained in the transaction information Click on the button to trade.

4.2. Submission

After the transaction information is confirmed, the user can submit the transaction commission. After the user submits the transaction, the user authorizes the SBACOIN agent to make the corresponding transaction match, and SBACOIN will automatically complete the matching transaction without having to notify the user in advance when the transaction satisfies the user entrusted price.

4.3 View the transaction details

Users can view the corresponding transaction records through the management details of the management center to confirm their own details of the transaction records.

4.4 revocation / modification of commission

The user has the right to revoke or modify the delegate at any time before the entrustment has not reached the transaction.

Fifth, the user's rights and obligations

5.1 The user is entitled to accept the special currency trading platform services provided by SBACOIN in accordance with this Agreement.

5.2 The user has the right to terminate the use of the SBACOIN service at any time.

5.3 The user reserves the right to withdraw funds at SBACOIN at any time, including Renminbi and Bitcoin, but to pay the corresponding cash withdrawal fee to SBACOIN.

5.4 The user is responsible for the authenticity, validity and security of the personal data provided at the time of registration.

5.5 users in the SBACOIN bit currency transactions should not be malicious interference with the normal operation of the special currency transactions, undermining the order of the transaction.

5.6 The user shall not interfere with the normal operation of SBACOIN or interfere with the use of SBACOIN services by other users by any means or otherwise.

5.7 If the user is litigued by an online transaction with another user, the information may not be required by SBACOIN through judicial or administrative means.

5.8 users are not fictitious facts and other ways malicious denigrate the goodwill of the Bank of China.

VI. Rights and obligations of SBACOIN

6.1 SBACOIN shall have the right to refuse registration of a user, to register a registered user, to cancel its SBACOIN membership account, and to have suffered loss from SBACOIN to the aforementioned user or his / her legal representative Claim compensation. At the same time, SBACOIN reserves the right to decide whether or not to accept user registration in any other circumstances.

6.2SBACOIN has the right to suspend the use of the account when the account user is not the initial registrant of the account.

6.3SBACOIN has the right to notify the user to correct, update the information or suspend, and terminate the provision of SBACOIN service by means of technical inspection, manual sampling and other means of reasonable doubt that the information provided by the user is incorrect, false, invalid or incomplete.

6.4SBACOIN reserves the right to correct the information when there is a noticeable error in any information displayed on the Bank of China.

6.5 SBACOIN reserves the right to modify, suspend or terminate the SBACOIN service at any time, SBACOIN's right to modify or suspend service without prior notice to the user, SBACOIN terminate one or more services of SBACOIN, terminate the date of the announcement of SBACOIN's termination notice on the website Effective.

6.6SBACOIN shall take the necessary technical means and management measures to ensure the normal operation of SBACOIN and provide necessary and reliable trading environment and transaction services to maintain the order of bitcover transactions.

6.7 If the user logs in to SBACOIN without using the SBACOIN member's account and password for one year, SBACOIN has the right to cancel the user's SBACOIN account. After the account is canceled, SBACOIN has the right to open the corresponding member name to other users for registration.

6.8SBACOIN by strengthening the technical input, enhance security and other measures to protect the user's RMB funds and bit-coin custody security, the obligation in the user funds can be expected to meet the security risks in advance to inform the user.

6.9SBACOIN reserves the right to retain the user's registration information and all the transaction information during the application of the SBACOIN service during the fulfillment of this Agreement and after the termination of this Agreement, but shall not use such information illegally.

6.10.SBACOIN reserves the right to remove any content from SBACOIN's website that does not comply with national laws and regulations, regulatory documents or user evaluation as specified by SBACOIN website. SBACOIN does not need to notify the user in advance.

Seven, special statement

7.1 In the circumstances permitted by law, SBACOIN shall, in any case, cause failure, power failure, strike, labor dispute, riot, insurrection, riots, riots, disturbances, interruption of information network equipment, failure of information network connection, computer, communication or other system Failure to service or delay in the production of a firepower, flood, storm, explosion, war, government action, order of the judicial administration, other force majeure or non-action of a third party, and the loss suffered by the user Not liable.

Eight, intellectual property rights

8.1 SBACOIN contains all intellectual achievements including but not limited to website logo, database, website design, text and graphics, software, photos, videos, music, sound and its combination, software compilation, related source code and software (including applet Procedures and scripts) are owned by SBACOIN. The User shall not copy, alter, copy, transmit or use any of the foregoing materials or contents for commercial purposes.

8.2 The User's acceptance of this Agreement shall be deemed to be the copyright of any form of information published by SBACOIN, including but not limited to: reproduction, distribution, lease, exhibition, performance, broadcast, information The right to network, right to transfer, translation, translation, and other transferable rights that should be enjoyed by the copyright owner are exclusively transferred to SBACOIN. SBACOIN has the right to sue and obtain full compensation for any subject infringement. This Agreement is a written agreement under Article 25 of the Copyright Law of the People's Republic of China and its effect and any content protected by the User at SBACOIN, whether or not the content is formed before or after the signing of this Agreement After signing up.

8.3 Users may not use or dispose of the intellectual property rights of BOC or others in the course of using SBACOIN. Users may not publish or authorize other websites (and media) in any form published in SBACOIN.

Nine, customer service

SBACOIN establish a professional customer service team, and establish a sound customer service system, from the technical, personnel and system to protect the user questions and complaints channels flow, to provide users with timely troubleshooting and complaints feedback.

10. Change and termination of agreement

10.1. Changes to the Agreement: SBACOIN reserves the right to make changes to the contents of this Agreement or any other terms of service and operating rules issued by SBACOIN at any time. SBACOIN will issue a notice at a significant position in SBACOIN. The change shall take effect at the time of publication of the Announcement, Continuing to use the services provided by SBACOIN is deemed to be the user's consent to the content change. If the user does not agree with the changed content, the user has the right to cancel the SBACOIN account and stop using the SBACOIN service.

10.2. Termination of the agreement

10.2.1.SBACOIN has the right to cancel the SBACOIN account of the user pursuant to this Agreement. This Agreement shall terminate on the date of cancellation of the account.

10.2.2.SBACOIN reserves the right to terminate all SBACOIN services in accordance with this Agreement.

11, privacy policy

11.1. Scope of application

11.1.1. Personal registration information provided by the user in accordance with SBACOIN, including but not limited to identity card information when the user registers the SBACOIN account or the payment account;

11.1.2. Server values on user browsers that SBACOIN automatically receives and records when the user uses the SBACOIN service or accesses the SBACOIN web page, including but not limited to IP addresses and other web pages required by the user;

11.1.3.SBACOIN collects the relevant data that the user has traded at SBACOIN, including but not limited to bids, purchases, etc. records;

11.1.4.SBACOIN obtained by legal means of the other