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"Privacy Policy"

One, both sides

1.1 This platform is a platform for users to trade virtual currency and provide related services. In order to facilitate the user and website operation, in order to facilitate the expression of this agreement, SBACOIN and Bit International collectively referred to as "company" and RMB trading platform and the dollar trading platform collectively referred to as "the platform", so the company and the The platform collectively uses "us" or other first person names in this Agreement.

1.2 As long as the natural person or other subject registered in this platform is the user of this platform, this agreement expresses the convenience, the following use "you" or other second person.

1.3 For the purposes of this Agreement, we and you are collectively referred to in this Agreement as "both parties" and we or you are simply "parties".

Second, the purpose of the development of privacy policy

The Privacy Policy stipulates that we only use the information provided by us to register your platform, register and / or use our services to collect your information, and how we use and protect these collected information.

Third, your consent

To ensure that you are fully confident that we are dealing with personal data, you should read and understand the privacy policy in detail. In particular, once you log in to the platform, whether you are registered on this platform, you are shown to us that you accept, agree, promise and confirm:

The user undertakes that the user has full civil rights and ability, or if he does not have full civil rights and competencies, but click on the consent button, the net is deemed to be registered and applied by his legal representative and by his legal representative Fire service.

3.1 You will disclose your personal information to us voluntarily with the consent required;

3.2 You will comply with all the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy;

3.3 You agree that we will collect your information through your registration, registration and / or use of the services we provide on this platform; you agree to any future changes to our privacy policy;

3.4 You agree to our affiliates, affiliates, employees, and contact you for products and services that may be of interest to you (unless you have indicated that you do not wish to receive such information).

Fourth, the information collected

4.1 When you use this platform, you agree that we will use cookies to track every action and collect and remember all information you may have, including but not limited to your IP address, location and other information.

4.2 If you are willing to use the services provided by this platform, you need to fill in and provide the following two kinds of information:

4.2.1 Identity information. This information can help us verify that you are eligible to register as a member of this platform, including but not limited to your name, your address, mailing address, other certificates issued by your country or government that have proof of your identity As well as the number involved and all other information that will help us verify your identity (collectively, "identity information").

4.2.2 Service information. This information helps us to contact you and successfully serve you, including but not limited to your phone number, fax number, valid email address, mailing address and your debit card information and / or other account information (see below) Called "service information").

4.3 When you use this platform or the services it provides, we may, in order to improve the use of this platform, enhance your experience of using the platform and the services and security provided by it or in accordance with the law or applicable laws and regulations Or other government agencies with jurisdiction, to collect more necessary information through the platform that is exclusive to our mailbox or other means we consider compliance.

4.4 If you have access to any third party platform or a third party that is affiliated on this platform, you agree and abide by the separate and independent privacy policy of the third party network. We are not responsible for the content and activities of these platforms or partners.

Five, cookies

5.1 When you visit our platform, we use Google Stats through cookies to record our performance and check the performance of online advertising. Cookies are small amounts of data that are sent to your browser and stored on your computer's hard drive. Only when you use your computer to enter our platform, cookies can be sent to your computer hard disk.

5.2 Cookies are often used to record the habits and preferences of visitors when they visit each item on our platform. The information collected by Cookies is an unnamed collective statistic that does not contain personal data.

5.3 Cookies can not be used to obtain data on your hard disk, your e-mail address, and your personal data that allows the platform or service provider to recognize and capture and retrieve information from your browser. Most browsers are preset to accept cookies. You can choose to set your browser to not accept cookies, or if cookies are loaded. However, if you set to disable Cookies, you may not be able to start or use some of our platform features.

Sixth, the use of information purposes

6.1 We use the information we have collected for the following purposes or in the following manner:

6.1.1 through our platform to provide you with our services;

6.1.2 Identify and confirm your identity when you use our platform;

6.1.3 In order to improve and enhance the platform and services (based on our information and feedback received to help us improve the platform services, we can more effectively respond to your service requests and support needs);

6.1.4 statistics of our platform usage data;

6.1.5 Personalize your experience (your information will help us to better respond to your individual needs);

6.1.6 dealing with the transaction (your information, whether public or private, without your consent will not be sold for any reason, exchange, transfer, or provide to any other company, but in addition to the completion of your required transactions Clear purpose);

6.1.7 to send e-mail on a regular basis (the e-mail address you provide for order processing, which can be used to send you information and update your order, except for occasional news, updates, related products or services)

6.1.8 meet all other purposes set forth in this Platform User Agreement and all legal means to meet such objectives.

6.2 We will not sell, trade or otherwise transfer information to other parties. But does not include trusted third parties that help us to operate our platform, conduct business, or provide services to you, provided that these parties agree to keep such information confidential. When we believe that disclosure of information is appropriate, it is in compliance with laws, regulations, rules or regulations or orders from the court or his competent authorities, the implementation of our platform strategy, the normal operation of the platform required, or the protection of our rights or property Or safe. However, your information may not be made available to other parties for marketing, advertising or other purposes.

Seven, the protection of personal data

7.1 We implement proper physical, electronic, regulatory and technical measures to protect and protect the safety of your personal data. We endeavor to ensure that any personal information collected through our platform is free from any nuisance to any third party unrelated to us. The security measures we take include but are not limited to:

7.1.1 Physical measures: Records with your personal data will be stored in a locked place.

7.1.2 Electronic measures: Computer data with your personal data will be stored on computer systems and storage media subject to strict login restrictions.

7.1.3 Management measures: Only by our authorized staff can access your personal information, these staff need to comply with our personal data confidential internal code.

7.1.4 Technical Measures: You may use such encryption technology as Secure Socket Layer Encryption to deliver your personal data.

7.1.5 Other measures: Our web server is protected by a "firewall".

7.2 If you know that there are any security vulnerabilities on our platform, please do not hesitate to contact us so that we can take appropriate action as soon as possible.

7.3 Despite the implementation of the above technical and security measures, we can not guarantee that the information on the Internet transmission is absolutely safe, so we can not absolutely guarantee that through our platform to provide our personal information at all times are safe. We will not be liable for any loss or damage arising from or arising out of or in connection with any unauthorized occurrence of any personal exposure to your personal data.

8. Revision of Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to modify this privacy policy at any time. We have updated and published the new version of the effective date to tell you that we have revised our privacy policy and highlighted the amendments. Sometimes we will inform you that the privacy policy has been revised, but this is not our obligation. You should review the privacy policy regularly and follow its changes. If you do not agree with the revised content, you should stop accessing the platform immediately. When an updated version of the Privacy Policy is published, you continue to visit this platform to display and indicate that you agree to the updated content and agree to comply with the updated privacy policy.

Nine, communicate with us

9.1 If you have any requests and comments, you can contact us via the platform (hereinafter referred to as "effective contact"), which is the only valid and official email or phone number that we communicate with you, so we You are not using an effective contact, any act or omission is not liable.

9.2 We only post announcements and information through the effective contact on this platform or post a notice on this platform, so we are not liable for any loss arising from your reliance on information that has not been obtained by the above method.

9.3 If you have any questions about our privacy policy, please feel free to contact us.